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Digital Yachts need on demand digital manufacturing...

The problem:

How to produce a hard wearing, branded facia panel quickly, efficiently and consistently for rapidly growing marine technology solutions provider, Digital Yacht?

The solution:

  • Talk to CTO, Paul Sumpner to make sure we understand exactly what's required, on the day his enquiry lands on our desk.
  • Use our digital manufacturing processes, direct from digital design data to prototype a sample which lands on his desk the following day.
  • Agree the final technical spec and commercial details later that day.
  • Manufacture the initial production volume using the exact same digital laser engraving, cutting and finishing processes, so that these are delivered before the week is out.
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What the customer says

"The panels were perfect thank you and I am very pleased with the whole process from initial enquiry to delivery of first production order.

I contacted four companies with the same initial enquiry, one was very good, competitive pricing, fast sample, etc. but was not quite as good at communicating or as responsive as you were. The other two companies were slow to respond, did not understand my requirements, came in with pricing that was significantly more than what you quoted, etc.

I would have absolutely no qualms in placing more future business with you or recommending Viking Signs to other companies and please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you would like."

Paul Sumpner

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