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Machine labels - Dye-Sublimation

to create high quality, cost effective machine labels

· Metal Labels
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Our dye-sublimation labels are used on a vast array of different types of machines and machinery. From this electric process heating equipment for the industrial and craft markets to hydraulic presses, grinding machines, steam boilers, CNC lathes & even re-manufactured turbochargers!

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This process of dye sublimation uses a polymer coated material - in this case anodised aluminium and a digitally printed 'transfer' - these are then sandwiched together in a heat press so that the dye sublimates (goes from solid to gas bypassing the liquid state) and permanently transfers into and dyes the coating. We offer a whole range of base materials - from satin anodised aluminium (SAA) to polished gold or brass effect aluminium. Because the transfer is digitally manufactured on demand, it's possible to accurately reproduce brand colours, images and logos. Serial numbers and variable data can be included in the design or stamped into the label by the customer.