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Profile shaped metal labels

Circles, discs, triangles... Draw it in CAD & we can probably make it.

· Metal Labels
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Often a system or component can really benefit from a visual aid, functional diagram or safety warning. But to locate it in just the right place, it needs to be made to fit the machine precisely. With our CNC digitally cut machine labels you can do just that. This valve position indicator set for the tunnelling, construction and civil engineering industry is made from dye-sublimation printed anodised aluminium. As you can imagine they're pretty tough and durable - it needs to be for this type of application.

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Like all our digital processes - we can and often do make 1 OFF, but we're equally capable of producing 1000s to meet your requirements. Because there's no hard tooling, if those requirements change (as they often do) the part can change today, for supply tomorrow - not in weeks time when a new tool has been made. Your production isn't delayed and there's no obsolescent stock to chuck in the waste bin...