• Label Set Consolidation

    Poke Yoke quality control & simpler re-ordering


    For a number of our customers we have consolidated the stickers they provide for their machines onto single label sheets. As well as supply chain simplification, this has a number of advantages. The sheets are set up as a single part number in our systems reducing re-ordering from a 40 line PO to a single line.


    It also makes management before the production line simpler, with a single part needing to be stored and prepared for production. Finally the label sheet itself offers a "Poke Yoke" or "Mistake Proofing" solution for application, if the sticker is still on the sheet at the end of the production run, then you can know for certain that a label has been missed from a machine. This helps stop a production line being stopped at the end of the process, or a machine (or a whole batch) being rejected by your customer. We love this sort of solution, not only does it play to our strengths, but it makes things better for our customers by reducing costs, simplifying their ordering process and helping make their lives easier. If you have a problem like this that we might be able to help with then please do let us know.

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    5* Trustpilot

    We "eat our own dogfood", manufacturing 25K signs a month, 100% on demand and selling through our direct retail safety sign business. We design and make so fast it feels like we are picking the signs of the shelf & our customers consistently rate our service as 5 out of 5 stars.

    Chartered Engineers

    Not everyone at Viking Signs is an engineer, but our MD and Chairman are and they have put robust engineering principles at the heart of everything that we do.

    MakeUK Member

    As an active member of MakeUK, the manufacturers' organisation - we do our bit to support the UK manufacturing industry and its vast contribution to the wider economy.

    ISO 9001

    Quality Standards help to build trust, but we also appreciate the discipline of going through external accreditation to stress test our processes and to show we are actually doing what we say we do.

    Made In Britain

    We are proud to make all our products in the UK, sure we bring in raw materials, but all the processing is done here. As much as we love real ale and sausage rolls, our pride really comes from the power of distributed, lean, on demand manufacturing. Making locally means supply chains are more secure, transport CO2 is dramatically reduced and Just In Time becomes much more feasible.

  • 4 ways we make things better for manufacturers


    Consolidate Supply

    Are labels a small but critical part of your BOM?


    Consolidate your signs, stickers, labels and industrial engraving with us, freeing you up to focus on bigger fish.


    Buy Flexibly

    We use our Lean, on demand set-up to offer you flexibility in how you buy.


    Would it be helpful to order in singles, but still get volume pricing?


    Move to consolidated label sets?


    If you want to change how you buy, we will work with you to find a way that works.


    Reduce Lead-times

    Our setup means we can typically reduce your current label lead-times from months to weeks and from weeks to days.


    Cutting lead times often means reduced stock holding & less obsolescence if specs change.


    Shorten your critical path, move to Just in Time or just solve that emergency.




    Talk to Manufacturers

    Created and owned by engineers, we stand apart from the graphic designer who owns a sign franchise.


    We understand manufacturing processes, specifications, materials and drawings in a way that is often a welcome relief for new customers.

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